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Hello party people,

That's right, it's my first ever anniversary blog!

Though I've been here since 2010, I didn't really feel like making a blog like this because I didn't really care!

But, since I've been acting a bit more involved in the wiki lately, I thought I'd commemorate all the people I've come to find pretty rad over these past 3 years. 

MDM (you knew he was going to be on here)

THT (Belgium, Trigun, same age, etc.)

Obb-chwan (science-buddies ftw)

ImHungry4444 (aka my master and fellow Beel fan) 

Staw Hat Luffy (pretty damn funny)

Straw Hat Boy (because sloth)

DancePowderer (we've had some interesting conversations)

DSP (because DSP)

Panda (fellow reader of fine literature)


Steer (because he's Joker)

LPK (fellow Zebra fan)

Ayet (pretty cool dude)

Kage (why the hell not)

Nada (do you need an explanation?)

Ryu (great guy, glad I met him)

Besty (pretty hilarious)

Meji (Meji's awesome. Duh.)

WU (straight up guy)


Well, that's my list, and if I've forgotten you, it's either because you're not worth remembering or I've merely forgotten to add you to my list, though I assure you, you're important and I wuv u. 

Here's to another 3 years,