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  • Fintin

    It's the bonus episode!

    Super long and juicy, I hope you kids are ready.

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  • Fintin


    This week your hosts are: MizuakiYume, AuroraOfDeath, and Xilinoc! Also, this week is special because it's AoD's and Yume's debut on their first ever podcast! GIVE SOME LOVE!

    Next week your hosts will be: shb calu fin

    k bye

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  • Fintin

    Are you looking for extra work to do for no pay? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

    That's why you should join: THE IMAGE CREW

    What it is: the team composed by some guys on the wiki (whoever they think they are) for the purpose of uploading, quality refinement/checking, renaming, and posting of images to articles. 

    Why: because it makes articles look better, duh

    When: whenever you have the time, so if your schedule's already booked, don't bother trying to join! :D

    The purpose of the team is to make the process of image organization on the wiki much more easier, enjoyable and organized. You can make up a team logo, make team t-shirts, and even team coffee mugs if you want! (funding not available)

    If you're interested in joining the team, then contact Calua and/o…

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  • Fintin

    It's here, it's back and the greatest thing EVER!

    It's the One Piece Wikia Podcast!

    We've got a new lineup of hosts, specifically;

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  • Fintin

    Some predictions

    January 28, 2015 by Fintin

    Alright so I have some predictions

    1. Kaido is either in some way or form an affiliate of Dragon

    further notes: maybe Dragon's got Kaido in a vicegrip (unlikely) or Kaido's got Dragon in a vicegrip (more likely) but I can honestly picture Kaido using his army to overthrow the WG along with Dragon, though whereas Dragon does it for political reasons, Kaido just wants domination

    2. Nami gets preggo

    2. Sabo and Luffy get into an argument

    further notes: so like basically Sabo asks Luffy to come with him to fight the WG and Luffy's like "fuk no dude i aint doin that shet". whatever happens, it'll be pirate life vs revolutionary life

    3. Luffy at some point becomes isolated from the crew and finds out about the Will of D before his crew does (long term…

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