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Feroza April 27, 2016 User blog:Feroza

I've been wondering about this bounty. When Sanji's new bounty posters were distributed, it is written as ONLY ALIVE. It became a question to me why.

Pekoms and Capone Bege visited Zou to deliver invitation card and then Sanji was captured. During the fight inside Capone's body, Sanji believe that the complot was set up by someone that arranged the wedding.

Bounty usually issued by the WG. The question is, were there any connection between Germa66 and WG (with the means of Cipher Pol). Doflamingo was able to deceive Trafalgar Law with the help of CP-0 and with his status of former Tenryubitto and he knows the treasure of Mariejois.

Someone out there might have some explanation.

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