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  • Fantasy Detective

    Been a while since I made a blog... hmmm... I feel the need to make one!

    Hmm.... Its pretty obvious.. BUT ONE PIECE IS A HILARIOUS ANIME/MANGA! I mean, all the characters got some running gag and certain jokes or even hilarious facefaults... This does make me wonder... Who is the funniest One Piece character?

    For me, it's Usopp. Seriously, add Usopp to any joke and he adds hilarity for some reason :3 I dunno... He is always there in every joke commenting about anything! Oh well...

    Sooo.... What do you guys think? (Also, I checked and it didn't seem like anybody made a blog like this before... right?)

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  • Fantasy Detective

    Buggy's powers

    January 13, 2012 by Fantasy Detective

    Remember when Buggy owned Zoro when they first met? He almost killed him! And back then, Zoro wasn't even able to touch him. Yea, I miss those days where Buggy was higer ranked and more dangerous to the crew. Even Luffy struggled with him and maybe wouldn't have won without Nami's help.

    But now, after TS. If Buggy fought with Zoro again; who will win? Keep in mind that if Zoro doesn't have Haki his swords wont be helpful. And also, Buggy might have gotten stronger, and he will be fully equipped(with swords, knives, bombs and everything)

    If you want my opinon, I wish Buggy would win :/ although it's a bit far fetched.

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  • Fantasy Detective

    Okay... Brook's very existence doesn't make any sense. SERIOUSLY? A skeleton with no tongue but can talk. No ass, but can poop. No stomach, but can eat and rink. WTF is wrong with that guy? And I am not buying the:"My soul lost it's way back to my body. YOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!" Yeah, nice story dude, but it doesn't make any sense. Does he feel pain? But no skin and nervous system... Does he get hungry? Does he have to close his eyes to sleep? I seriously gave up thinking about how he functions. What do you guys think?

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  • Fantasy Detective

    Okay. The battles are not always funny. And some of them have only a few funny lines. But This is the wackiest battle tournament, not neccesary funny.

    Luffy Vs. Buggy: Nami Vs. Kalifa:

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  • Fantasy Detective

    Who is the most beautiful girl? Boa Hancock or Alvida?

    Note: Alvida we are talking about here is after she ate her fruit.

    No voting so that noone will vote twice.

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