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  • Falquian

    We know that Rio Poneglyph is on Raftel, courtesy of Gol D. Roger. We also know that Roger could hear the voice of all things and He wrote that message in the Skypea Poneglyph.

    I think his ability is not as precise, and that would justify the fact that He did not get the whole truth but a part of it or somewhat close but not exactly the true. Only someone able to do it, like Robin, could know the full meaning of it. I don't know If I'm making sense, but bear with me.

    When he found the Rio Poneglyph and hide it on Raftel I think it was to make sure that a person strong enough to cross the most dangerous ocean in the world will find and fight for the true that it's revealed on it. Because of his disease, he chosen to stay silent about the subje…

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