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Theory on Kairoseki and Brook

F-spot October 13, 2013 User blog:F-spot

Hello One Piece Community

This is my first blog/theory post here, so don't go too hard on me ;)

I was browsing the wikia one day and i came to the Kairoseki page, because i was curious how that Mineral/Metal can take away a DF user's powers. On the page i found this: "gives off a wavelength that is the same as the sea itself". So i thought by myself wait a second, wasnt Brook able to confuse/imobilize People by playing certain frequences/wavelenghts of music on his instruments? 

And here's my theory: One day Brook will be able to hurt all DF users by simply learning how to "play" that certain wavelenght Kairoseki gives off! Sounds better than Haki to me :P

Tell me what you think in the comments down below!


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