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So everyone who has ever seen or read one piece and knows Bartholomew Kuma should know his Trademark...his BIBLE! Now aside from repentance for his sins I don't see why a former ruthless pirate called the tyrant would carry around a bible. So I have a theory based on his paw-paw fruit as well as his past actions. First off let me tell you the theory. I don't think Kuma's bible is a bible at all, but a giant book mapping out a good 70% of the known world. Now let me explain, I first started thinking about this when Kuma cornered the strawhats on Sabody. He first takes off his glove then opens his bible, I expected him to read a scripture but instead he said "If you could take a vacation, where would you go?" Or something along those lines. Then he began to send everyone away. Then I wondered why'd he even open the bible??? Then, lightbulb, what if he's actually scanning a map for the ideal places to send the strawhats. Also, he'd need to know the distance and direction to 'tune' his DF to so that he could repel them to. This is again just my theory, but talk on it do you think it's legit or no?