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This is a rather touchy subject to me, I thyink in the anime, 50% of a character comes from his voice actor, gives him more personality and "look", like crocodile, if he was dubbed by someone with a higher pitched voice, would he be so scary like now? or luffy, should he get that annoying voice like goku in DBZ? naaah.

but so, with the manga several "episodes" away from the anime, we got now new characters that didnt make their debut in the anime yet, one of them, is Caesar Crow (LMAO, my real name is Caesar xDDD), and ther is one voice actor I really like, that is Ryūsei Nakao (Dr. Indigo in One Piece's 10th movie) and he gives their characters that perfect "mad-scientist" tune, expecially the sadistic ones, so for me, he would be perfect dubbing Caesar Crow.

Now, what else do we have? that dragon, brownbeard and te Harpy, so, should her get a more childish voice like Nami's or deep and seductive like Robin? more characters i forgot to mention you like imaging voices when reading the mangas? do tell me ^ ^ the reason I like reading the manga and watching the anime at same time is to read the char's lines with the voices they have/should have.

(also, gasu gasu no mi, kinda like moku + doku, does it means there will have a fight between smoker (with or without tashigi's heart) and Ceasar??)