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I take it as a rather touchy subject and even as hobby when someone tries to name a devil fruit (something really easy in english, but a funny challenge in Japanese) and when I saw this post (which shall never be deleted)

Create your own devil fruit

I didnt only cracked a lot of laughs with the idea, but also realized some peoples just avoid paying attention in the carefull way Oda named the devil fruits all allong the 600+ chapters in one piece.

Sounds really stupid, its just the "rule of two syllabes", in japanese, ALL devil fruit have two sillabes in their names, starting with the famous Go - Mu Go - Mu (no mi) and ending with the infamous Ga - su Ga - su (no mi) but whenever I see someone inventing a devil fruit, they seens to go crazy and pick any word they know in jkapanese (or find in a japanese dictionary) and kinda makes the best idea looks rather noobish.

But in the end, I think I wish Oda could see this post, he would just crack a few laughs in the end and maybe pick some ideas to the universe of One piece (hopefully....MY ideas xDDD)

The thing is, to all One piece fans who like to make devil fruits and name'em in japanese, here is the advice: two syllabes ONLY.

Even the english names try hard to follow it with short words since the phonetic changes drastically between japanese and english.