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Chapter 708 Prediction

Cover: Caribou with the granny inside his mud leaving the burning building.

 Title: All the kings' children

Page 1:

(Scene 3- Zoro and the fairy)

Zoro: Shiiiiiit

????: Are you... Roronoa Zoro...??

Zoro: Fuck, I blew my cover..

(Zoro stands up and sees them)

Yosaku and Johnny:  ANIKIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~


Page 2:

Yosaku and Johnny: (crying and jumped to hug Zoro) We thought we'll never see you again~

Zoro: What are you two idiots doing here! GET OFF ME!

Yosaku: We learned that there is a really rare fish over the south lake, and we really need to catch it

Johnny: What are you doing her all alone aniki? Where's Strawhat?

Zoro: ..I've been chasing some fairy who stole my katana.. I got it now..

Johnny: Are you sure you're sober? 

Page 3:

(Scene 4- Kin'emon: Lost and Alone)

Kin'emon: WHAT??? YOU HAVE KANJURO?? You bastards, what do you want from him...

???: Pfttt. None of your business asshole. Now shut up and come with us.

Kin'emon: (crying) Kanjuro, you had to sacrifise for me you moron.. I'll definitely save you!!!

????: Pathetic

Kin'emon: (angry) Karyu~ Issen~

Page 4:

(Kin'emon unleashes a flaming slash that defeated all of them. The soldiers are all on the floor with small flames coming from their bodies)

Kin'emon: (grabs the guy with the helmet) You're coming with me..

(Scene 5- Infatueted Sanji)

Violet: Sanji my hero~

Sanji: I can do anything for you~~ <3 <3

Page 5:

Violet: Quick we need to hurry tho, my sister is in trouble. She did a big mistake. We have to hurry and kill that bastard

Sanji: Sisteeer~~ <3

(A shadow of a man is seen aproaching Sanji)

???: Oi oi oi oi oi

Sanji: Eh.... Who are you?

???: Scum, you dont know me?

Page 6:

Onigumo: I'm a vice admiral you piece of shit. And I can recognize pirates like you, Black Leg Sanji. 

Sanji: (drops his fake facial hair and glasses) I'm sorry Violet, I know this may sound a little bit cocky but.. (lights up a cigarette) you're sister must wait..

Page 7:

(Scene 6: Sunny-Go security)

Chopper: (with tears in his eyes) Who's theeeeere 

???: (behind the door) Uh... They heard me.. Fuuuck..

Nami: Chopper go there and see who he is..


???: I'm sorry but I think I messed up the room.. Forgive me..

Page 8:

Zeo: (still old) SOMEONE TREAT ME!!!!!!


Nami: What the hell are you doing here???

Zeo: I managed to escape the prison and sneak up on the ship.. I couldn't stay there.. 

Chopper: You where on the ship all along?

Page 9:

Zeo: Thanks to my power yes.. You guys couldn't see me.. And with this old shit, I'm sleeping 16 hours a day..

Nami: (punches him) Makes no sense!!!

(Scene 2: Caesar exchange team)

Usopp: Thank god, they are far away now.

Law: CP-0, what do you want here...

Page 10:

Caesar: Doflamingo doesn't want to wait you know.. I suggest you move..

Usopp: What???? I'm not crossing that bridge, no way. No way.

Robin: We should be really carefull. 

Waiter: ..They say that no one ever returned from that place.

Usopp: You're still here???

Page 11:

(Standing in front of the bridge and get past the signs)

Law: -Room- (creates a room that covers them) With this I can protect us.

Usopp: (crying) Chopper, Brook, Nami.... I need you with me on this one!!!

Caesar: This is gonna be easy..

Page 12:

(Scene 7: Franky)

(Outside the arena)

Franky: What's the meaning of this you moron.. Why did you dragged me out here

One-Legged toy: Don't talk about Doflamingo in crowds, I told you.. It's forbidden.

Franky: I need to find someone who knows where is this factory.. And why is forbidden.. And who are you anyways...

One-Legged toy: Alright I'll tell you.... In that factory, humans are made into live puppets and toys. 

Franky: What!!!!!! But they seem so happy...

One-legged toy: We have no choice you know.. No one here is capable of putting an end to this.. Also CP-0 has a unit here that won't allow any bad thing happen.

Page 13:

(Scene 1: Corrida Colloseum)

Bellamy: (with his foot on Tank Lepanto's head) Haha.. How pathetic.. 

Jeet: Bellamy the Hyena, you're next~

Abdullah: Nihihihihi

(Suddenly a flying creature stands behind them)

???: Hehahahaha

(Abdullah and Jeet turn around surprised)

Page 14:

Bartolomeo: (user of a zoan devil fruit: a Bat) (in his zoan mode) Time to join in, don't you think!

  • (His bat mode is not like a normal bat. His height is kinda the same. But with all of the characteristics of a bat.)

Bellamy: Get away, Bat-man. They are mine. 

Bartolomeo: -Wing Attack: Bloody Mary-

(Bartolomeo makes his wings really sharp and quickly travels in between Abdullah and Jeet and then making them bleed from the waist and collapsing)

Bartolomeo: How's that for fighting dirty you bitches..

Bellamy: Bastard..

Page 15:

Hack: (behind some defeated contestants) You're Bluegilly, aren't ya..

Bluegilly: Boooey~ Finally someone who have the guts to come in front of me..

Hack: (Smiling)

(Hack jumps in the sea.)

Bluegilly: You coward, I knew it..

(Hack comes back with water in his hands)

Hack: Jinbe, you sure are a great teacher... -Mizugokoro-

(Hack unleashes a fast stream of water and Bluegilly takes it to his body and sends him flying over the sea)

Page 16:


Cavendish: (Angry) You're.... You're Strawhat Luffy?????

Luffy: Ahhhhhh

Cavendish: I swear I will kill you with my bare hands Strawhat!!!

(Luffy accidentaly jumps down and lands near the arena)

Luffy: phew that was close...

(His armor is gone... The crowd stopped cheering, and the fighters stopped)

Page 17:

Crowd1: Thats....

Crowd2: STRAW HAT!!!

Crowd3: MONKEY D. LUFFY!!!!!!!

(Luffy stands there smiling in front of everybody)

Crowd4: He came back for his brothers Devil Fruit..

Bellamy: Bahahah that idiot..

Bartolomeo: (smiling) Interesting, very interesting..


Hope you like it. My first prediction so sorry if I screwed things up..

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