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    Cover: Caribou with the granny inside his mud leaving the burning building.

     Title: All the kings' children

    Page 1:

    (Scene 3- Zoro and the fairy)

    Zoro: Shiiiiiit

    ????: Are you... Roronoa Zoro...??

    Zoro: Fuck, I blew my cover..

    (Zoro stands up and sees them)

    Yosaku and Johnny:  ANIKIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~


    Page 2:

    Yosaku and Johnny: (crying and jumped to hug Zoro) We thought we'll never see you again~

    Zoro: What are you two idiots doing here! GET OFF ME!

    Yosaku: We learned that there is a really rare fish over the south lake, and we really need to catch it

    Johnny: What are you doing her all alone aniki? Where's Strawhat?

    Zoro: ..I've been chasing some fairy who stole my katana.. I got it now..

    Johnny: Are you sure you're …

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