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Just like the first fun ending blog but more messed up :)

Ok so let's say luffy reaches raftel,nothing's there,finds one peice after going to every single island in the one piece world,becomes the pirate king,he wakes up from a dream and is still in the barrel(from the start of the series),gets killed by alvida because there are actually spikes on the club

THEN it turns out that the main character of the one piece series is a news coo who has a devilfruit that allows it to read minds and apparently read luffy's mind,gets shot down by the alvida pirates and gets eaten for dinner,and on the on the last few pages you see zoro getting killed by helmeppo,coby still working for alvida,nami working for arlong for the rest of her life,robin killed by crocodile,franky taken by cp9,chopper dies from trying to fight wapol out of anger,brook doing his 45 degrees angle pose back in florian triangle,sanji and gin killed by don krieg,ussop killed by kuro,law and kidd kissing and a huge troll face on the very last page


link to the first fun ending btw:!/just_a_nice_ending_:%29