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Ok so for this end,luffy finally finds the famed "One piece" then this happens :/


  • Im going to assume that's rayleigh and he's dyed his hair black and got a new hairstyle...*

then all the strawhats get hit in the head with a haki-imbued punch by garp because luffy stole his rice crackers (Let's say luffy was VERY hungry at that moment) all the crew members get amnesia and remember nothing more than what they were doing before luffy met them,and thus lose all their abilities they had gained on their adventures,bonney makes all of the supernovas younger by 2 years or however long time it took for the strawhats to reach raftel.Being a nice guy luffy returns all of his crew members back to their home before he met them,he gains an additional punch in the head for losing his abilities because of amnesia,gets amnesia yet again and forgets about dropping each of the crew members off at their home.The adventure starts over 999 more times,and when luffy finally gathers all 1000 one pieces he dies after drowning from trying to swim in a public pool.

Also,apparently law steals the one piece from luffy everytime he gets it,right before luffy gets amnesia yet again and again...