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  • Eightynine!

    So basically for this fun ending luffy ends up on raftel, beats up blackbeard, then just when the strawhats are about to leave raftel with the one piece and go to visit laboon for brook, they let their guard down and buggy shoots an improved version of his buggy ball at the sh. luffy,robin,chopper,, and brook are blown into the water and drown. All the other sh try to go help luffy,robin,chopper,franky and brook but then for some reason big mom appears and eats the remaining strawhats. buggy steals the one piece and lives happily ever after as the new pirate king. The end.

    what a fun ending right?

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  • Eightynine!

    Okay, so from the most recent chapter we see that baby 5 is a female that is quite emotional and well, would be a perfect addition to the strawhats. from this page:

    we see that she wouldn't ever refuse a proposal and well... probably won't refuse a request to join the strawhats. She also apparently wants to kill joker.

    Well, i don't have much reasoning for wanting her to join other than her emotional personality.. which seems to fit nicely into the strawhats... I just want a strong character to join...

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  • Eightynine!

    Yet another fun ending

    September 29, 2012 by Eightynine!

    Ok so for this end,luffy finally finds the famed "One piece" then this happens :/

    • Im going to assume that's rayleigh and he's dyed his hair black and got a new hairstyle...*

    then all the strawhats get hit in the head with a haki-imbued punch by garp because luffy stole his rice crackers (Let's say luffy was VERY hungry at that moment) all the crew members get amnesia and remember nothing more than what they were doing before luffy met them,and thus lose all their abilities they had gained on their adventures,bonney makes all of the supernovas younger by 2 years or however long time it took for the strawhats to reach raftel.Being a nice guy luffy returns all of …

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  • Eightynine!

    another fun ending :)

    September 18, 2012 by Eightynine!

    Just like the first fun ending blog but more messed up :)

    Ok so let's say luffy reaches raftel,nothing's there,finds one peice after going to every single island in the one piece world,becomes the pirate king,he wakes up from a dream and is still in the barrel(from the start of the series),gets killed by alvida because there are actually spikes on the club

    THEN it turns out that the main character of the one piece series is a news coo who has a devilfruit that allows it to read minds and apparently read luffy's mind,gets shot down by the alvida pirates and gets eaten for dinner,and on the on the last few pages you see zoro getting killed by helmeppo,coby still working for alvida,nami working for arlong for the rest of her life,robin killed b…

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  • Eightynine!

    Let me start off by saying Robin apparently has just about the most overpowered ability in one piece and has the potential to be stronger than luffy if only if she bothered....

    Let's start off by stating her df ability:the ability to bloom parts of her body anywhere in other words the hana hana no mi.

    Now let's look at what she could do right now...

    bloom thousands of body parts

    bloom gigantic body parts

    clone herself

    and she could recognize haki meaning she atleasty knows about it and knows what it can do

    Give her rokushiki now what do you have?

    someone that could bloom a hundred or so inescapable shigans on your body.

    Someone who could throw a rankyakus(LOTS and LOTS of 'em) at you from just about anywhere on the ground not to mention she could h…

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