One Piece Encyclopedia


The Main Antagonist List

Overall Towards the End of the Series

  1. Blackbeard(Main Villian) - will get more-powerfull then ever(vai use of new fruits) , Zehahahahahaha
  2. Akaniu(Secondary Villian) - will lead the navy into a epic battle that will cause(pain to piracy across the world) , Kill all these Wretched Pirates.
  3. Doflamingo(Teritary Villian) - will leave the navy and set up his own faction to create a New Age of Piracy(and kill the dreamers) , Hehehehehehe

Vai use of current events

  • Return to Saboney Arc = None
  • Fishman Island Arc 1.)Hody , 2.)Deken and 3.)Caribou
  • Punk Hazard Arc 1.)A new Schinubaki possibly Buggy , 2.)Galadio 3.)Alvida
  • Whole Cake Island 1.) Big Mom. i also think Jimbei will sacrifise him self to beat big mom by overdosing on energy steroids. meaning luffy will be loosing the fight

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