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  • Dragonlord00X

    Who else thinks that the Dressrosa arc is going to be the best arc so far?

    Let us see what will happen in the arc:

    Luffy - He is going to battle in a tournament for the Devil Fruit of his brother. It will not be a simple tournament, it is a battle of some of the strongest warriors in the area including the Doflamingo family.

    Zoro - He is getting beaten by some fairy.

    Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Momonosuke - They hear something myserious in the Sunny.

    Usopp, Robin, and Law - They see CP-AIGIS0. We all know how it went with CP9, I mean seriously, how strong could they be if they are stronger than CP9, even Law might have a hard time defeating them.

    Sanji - Meets a woman and plans to help her kill a man.

    Franky - He meets a toy guy and plans to destro…

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  • Dragonlord00X

    Who do you think are going to be the finalists of the tournament?

    First of all Block-A was already taken by Burgess, and obviously the Block-C division winner is going to be Lucy. In Block-B it is going to be a close battle between Bartolomeo and Bellamy, though Eiichiro Oda could have much stronger that he could easily knock out Bartolomeo as Luffy knocked him out on Jaya, though I doubt it since he could defeat a Marine Vice-Admiral. Block-D is going to be a great battle between Cavendish and Rebecca, we still do not know of their powers, but what we know is that Rebecca is the "Undefeated Woman", and Cavendish is one of the really strong rookies of the New World.

    My guess is:

    Block-A: Burgess

    Block-B: Bellamy

    Block-C: Lucy

    Block-D: Rebecca

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