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  • Dragonfire333

    Casear's mystery buyers

    December 14, 2012 by Dragonfire333

    We obviously know that Kidd, Appo, Hawkins, Killer, and Big Mom and crew are interested in SAD but what about the other buyers? From this chapter I think we got a better look at the rest of them.

    One guy looks like some kind of fighter pilot going off his googles and helmet.

    The other guy just reminds me of a Frenchmen judging from the mustache on the snail

    Not sure what to think the ones who mentioned somebody named Jack or the ones saying Caesar better wish he were dead

    And finally to the last one, the guy just looks like Rob Lucci going off the top hat and the curly hair

    And I gotta add that Killer just looks exceptionally badass with the goatee 

    That's the end of this. Leave your comments about the buyers and junk

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  • Dragonfire333

    So like the title says, what type of Devil Fruit would you want to see later in the series. I'd liked to maybe see a few more Mythical Zoan like Marco has now that the NW saga has started. A Dragon Zoan could be pretty cool to see or maybe a maybe we could more of Drake's Devil Fruit if theres more to see of it. The Dragon Zoan could be like a regular dragon that breathes fire, strong skin, flies, etc or it could be that can control the weather. So what kind of DF would you want to see?

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