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Hello, Hola Bola and S'up. This Dragon Teach's Blog. Just for info, I'm 13 and I love One Piece. So there...

My main question is about Enel. So Enel's powers are ineffective against Luffy right? So is post- timeskip Luffy stronger than Enel? Is Enel really stronger than Crocodile? (Even though his powers are ineffective against him).

Enel: Lightning Fruit. Has weakness against Crocodile's Sand Fruit and Luffy's Rubber Fruit. But does he have a advantage over Wet Hair Caribou (cause mud water probably conducts electricity)? According to the Enel Page, Enel's bounty is around 500,000. So that means he is better than Shichibukas (Doflamingo, Kuma, Gekko Moriah) right?

Can Luffy post timeskip defeat Enel with Haki?

So please answer my doubts clearly like a boss or you're dead. (My sniper is awaiting my orders to shoot you.)

Cap'n Dragon

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