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Before I begin, I really want to apologize for my little skif with the admin in my other account Ben. D . Avery. I'm new to the wiki, so I didn't know it's an admin's job to delete unwanted blogs. In fact, I didn't know there was an admin itself. So I really apologize to all of you and Dance Powderer too. Anyways, here's my prediction. OW!

Chapter 743

All the toys get changed back to their original forms! Milo into a lovely, caring hubby/father and Thunder Soldier into all awesome Kyros. So I guess there's going to be a skiff with Gladius once again as he actually found them. 

Cavendish and all other toys attack Trebol, but he's pretty strong. The dwarves pacify Usopp by dunking a gallon of water on his face. Usopp baby is back with a Bang!

The Big Mom pirates are crying for their Big Momma as Sanji beats them up! Pekoms to the rescue. A small fight and Pekoms is pushed into the sea and his partner (forgot his name) swims after him. So with the threat removed, The SH and the BM pirates fight on. 

Gladius vs. Kyros, Luffy and Viola or Violet? Anyways as they fight, The palace starts exploding and a part of the stone assimilating monter that Zzoro is fighting explodes. Zoro uses this chance to cut him with Haki. 

Tournament match goes on interestingly. Rebecca's defenses are down, but Bart protects her from Diamante. Sabo kicks Burgess' *censored*and we get to hear Burgess crying for his Mommy. The crowd cheer for Lucy, Diamante and jeer at Rebecca. However, Sabo stands up for Rebecca and shouts at the crowd.

Meanwhile as the toys turned into humans fight Trebol, Usopp asks whether the sticky substance is flamable. Trebol proudly replies, yes of course! And our friendly neighborhood Usopp sets fire to his pants.

Yup so hope ya enjoyed it. Follow me ya beasts and I shall show thou some awesome stuff.

Cap'n Dragon Teach