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  • Dragon018

    Wiki's Dilemma

    December 10, 2013 by Dragon018

    Ever since I found out about this wiki I've seen how people stop making blogs and become afraid of making theories, the agressiveness of whoever comments the blogs not welcoming at all, and I think that the more people the better so why scare them. I believe that we should be nicer to those who blog and not fall into details that don't even come to case, let's discuss about One Piece and not about how bad the blog is. If we were not so harsh on each other maybe there would be less AWCs and more active users to make this wiki the best one. Instead of accomplishing perfection lets accomplish Greatness.

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  • Dragon018

    Toy's mistery..

    May 21, 2013 by Dragon018

    I wasn't planning on putting this up, but the sad news of Oda (hope he gets better soon) gave me a time extension of 2 weeks so why not... Ok so to the point, from what I've been reading so far, most of the reviewers and blogers of weekly chapters have noticed the unusual acts of that toy, and their first impression is totally different to what I thought the first time I read chapter 709. Everyone's been saying that it's a set up and that maybe the toy is part of Doflamingo's plan, but here is my point of view.

    It may have been mentioned before but what if that toy is actually a revolutionary, it makes sense how he said "My comrades".

    It would suit very nicely a revolutionary group in Dres…

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  • Dragon018

    Real or Fake??

    March 22, 2013 by Dragon018

    Like the title says, real or fake?   This would perfectly explain the "why" in Sabo's absence at Marineford...

    Was this a leak from somewhere?? or is this fake??  You decide!!


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