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Ok, before I begin sorry if this talk already happened, I haven't been on the wiki in a long time, so please be gentle.

So with being said... Hello and welcome! In this post I was wondering who everyone thinks that The Straw Hats/Luffy will fight against  (assuming we have already seen or heard of the opponent(s) in question)in the ultimate final battle.

Will it be a Yonko's crew? All the Marine Admirals + the fleet admiral? Could it even be some random treasures hunters who try to steal the ultimate treasure? Who knows?! (except for Oda and his staff.) And we probably won't know for another 10 years! But heck, who doesn't love some good ol' speculation?

Now, to allow myself the honour of going first... I personally think the final battle will be a triple threat match between Luffy, Blackbeard and Akainu. While crews and marines are going nuts with epic battles in the background.

I know its not a long or creative answer but thats why I asked the question to you peeps in the first place.

So now finally, the ultimate question, what does everyone else think?