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  • Dowey29394

    The final battle!

    August 17, 2014 by Dowey29394

    Ok, before I begin sorry if this talk already happened, I haven't been on the wiki in a long time, so please be gentle.

    So with being said... Hello and welcome! In this post I was wondering who everyone thinks that The Straw Hats/Luffy will fight against  (assuming we have already seen or heard of the opponent(s) in question)in the ultimate final battle.

    Will it be a Yonko's crew? All the Marine Admirals + the fleet admiral? Could it even be some random treasures hunters who try to steal the ultimate treasure? Who knows?! (except for Oda and his staff.) And we probably won't know for another 10 years! But heck, who doesn't love some good ol' speculation?

    Now, to allow myself the honour of going first... I personally think the final battle wil…

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  • Dowey29394

    Top Manga's and Anime's

    January 22, 2011 by Dowey29394

    Hey guys, i was just watching a few animes and wondered, what animes and mangas are the best in your opinions?

    Personally these are my favourites:


    1. One Piece, 2. Bleach, 3. Pokemon, 4. Bleach, 5. Infinite Stratos


    1. Fairy Tail, 2. One Piece, 3. Beelzebub, 4. Naruto, 5. Air Gear

    Hopefully this will also introduce people to new animes and mangas they have yet to see.

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