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This post is just a minor query, however, this has been bothering me recently and I would most like to see other One Piece fan's responses on the matter. In the One Piece manga chapter 581 page 4, the Supernova Jewellery Bonney is depicted as blaming a particular person over the events at marineford and states her intentions to "hunt him down" in the new world. Due to the use of "him", it can be assumed that the said person is a male. When I first read the page, I assumed the person to be Luffy due to a similar notion being previously said by Bonney in relation to him after the Tenryuubito incident on the Sbaody Archipelago. The problem is that the context of the threat was the incidents at Marineford, of which I do not believe Luffy to be the prime culprit. My secondary option was therefore Blackbeard, due to him sparking and worsening the events at Marineford. A problem with that would be, as shown on the Archipelago, Bonney does not want to challenge powerful people, to the extent that she was willing to save a Tenryuubito from Zoro so that a marine admiral would not attack. To threaten a person who could rival a fleet admiral in combat, does not suit her character persona. I have therefore come to the conclusion that she is threatening either 1) an unknown assailant, 2) a known person over a different context, or 3) a main character with myself, misinterpreting the intended meaning. I would most enjoy to see others responses, and possible thesis which I have not covered.