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First of all guys....I AM FREAKING BACK!!!. If you do not remember me.....then.........(!!!!) don't break a sweat! If you do remember me.....well.....good for y- i mean, good for me! In any case, this weekend's (or month's, or year's) blog will be about.....(*drums playing a nice steady beat while waiting*)  the first opening of One Piece in different languages. DP, if this blog is not abiding with the wikia rules (i have read them, but forgot 'em -i haven't entered the wikia for 3 months, so it's quite rational-) then feel free to delete the blog. (FOR GOD'S SAKE, PLEASE DON'T!!!). Hm...Hm...(clears his neck), lets start: 


Comment: Classic dub lol. Generally, the song is preety good.


Comment: Hmmm...I will let you judge it....but lol, is it my idea, or the narrator's voice is the same as Roger's?


Comment: Again, classic dub, but not too bad. (I am Greek though, so you will be probably better to judge it :P)


Comment: OH MY GOD!!!!! Am I the only one who thinks the music and the voice they 've given Roger, is very hmmm....let's say you.know.who-like? (especially the first phrase). 


Comment: Good, preety good. The song is cool too. 


Comment: As expected, the difference between the true opening and the dubbed ones, is unbelievable. The japanese opening is THE BEST! TOTALLY THE TRUE, BEST, BEST, BEST! 

At last, i would like to clearly state that i am not a racist. (I am clearing this out, cause there has been made a great fuss over this certain incident in our country. Please take no offense to my comments. Of course, i want your opinions, and please if i forgot any language and you want to, add the link in the comment. 

p.s: I hope, you got the title....what am i asking?...Sure you did. :)

As a small p.s i would like to ask you all: How are you doing guys ? :).