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I was lately thinking... Luffy is entirely made of rubber. ( " Amazon Lily episode 408 proves that". (^.^)) Apparently his vital organs are made of rubber. So If he doesnt die out of wounds from a battle or get executed (that's probably going to happen) as his cells are made of rubber too then, firstly he will never have wrinkles and secondly he will die when he becomes 300 years old or something. Of course the powers he is using and the drug he took to keep fighting in the "War Of The Best" are harmful to his body but his rubber powers grant him an unbelivably powerful organism able to withstand wounds and time as well. In some words he can't die soon out of Senescence. I am not a doctor and my terms are not really accurate but I think you get what I mean. Of course I NEED your opinions and I 'd love to hear what you believe will be the way Luffy dies. Thanks , in advance.