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Guys , i ve been recently thinking about blackbeard's power to obtain df abilities and to use them at the same time shown in manga and in anime (here ) . In this blog i m not talking about how he absorbs the ability but how he can use both of 'em. I 've heard some quite intresting theories and then i came up with my own, which is, in my opinion highly likely to be true.

Firstly i remembered vegapunk ( is this how it's spelled?) and that inanimate items can obtain df powers. Then this stroke my head: Blackbeard when uses both of his powers he has them one at each hand. (here again ). And then i rembered that Blackbeard has rings in his fingers. So this is the theory : Blackbeard knows how to give df powers to objects and has given gura-gura no mi to one of his rings. Check the pictures in manga and in anime. The hand he uses for gura-gura no mi has several rings. God bless us if he obtains so many ablities! If this theory is true then, probably oda will set some limts but, gosh, how overpowered!

Immidiately want your opinions! Comment please, constructive criticism is needed.