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Hey guys'''. This blog is basically written because i realised how FREAKING overpowered yami yami no mi could be. In one piece world yami is darkness. If you deeply think about it, the power Teach possesses is exactly this of a black hole . He pulls everything in.( The part of get the things pulled, out, is just cause we are in o.p world). So, Black Hole. Imagine that;  A black hole is destructive. It's black, exactly because darkness is lack of light, and a black hole's gravity is so powerfull that even prevents light from escaping. This means: Kizaru's power is just useless in front of his, and akainu's too ; a black hole, could even pull in sun itself. He would not even need to blink an eye to make this lava brat disappear in his eternal darkness. So in some words, admirals are already down! Creating a black hole could destroy the world, making Teach as dangerous as Whitebeard-monster himself. Now, to Luffy standing up to Teach's black hole..... LOL! Let me laugh! Shanks...I dont know his powers, thus, wont speculate on that. It's already too farfetched, isn't it? This could never happen in the real op world ( -let's hope not-) as it's just too overpowered and i created this blog for fun. Want your comments, hope you liked it.