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  • Don7

    First of all guys....I AM FREAKING BACK!!!. If you do not remember me.....then.........(!!!!) don't break a sweat! If you do remember me.....well.....good for y- i mean, good for me! In any case, this weekend's (or month's, or year's) blog will be about.....(*drums playing a nice steady beat while waiting*)  the first opening of One Piece in different languages. DP, if this blog is not abiding with the wikia rules (i have read them, but forgot 'em -i haven't entered the wikia for 3 months, so it's quite rational-) then feel free to delete the blog. (FOR GOD'S SAKE, PLEASE DON'T!!!). Hm...Hm...(clears his neck), lets start: 


    Comment: Classic dub lol. Generally, the song is preety good.

    French: …

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  • Don7

    Ch. 705: EPIC

    April 10, 2013 by Don7

    OK! Hey guys. The last chapter (705) was absolutely AWESOME. 


    1. Who is this toy?
    2. How strong is CP-0?
    3. What the hell is Zoro doing?!
    4. What the hell is this ball-like thing page 14?
    5. Who is the guy on SH's ship?
    6. How freakin' strong is Bartolomeo, kicking a vice admiral's @ss as easy as that?
    7. How lucky is this b*stard Sanji?

    And except for all these, the marines are here along with an admiral, a vice admiral (beaten) and CP-0.

    So many new well designed characters and all in one single arc, and they are about to clash!


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  • Don7

    Hey guys'''. This blog is basically written because i realised how FREAKING overpowered yami yami no mi could be. In one piece world yami is darkness. If you deeply think about it, the power Teach possesses is exactly this of a black hole . He pulls everything in.( The part of get the things pulled, out, is just cause we are in o.p world). So, Black Hole. Imagine that;  A black hole is destructive. It's black, exactly because darkness is lack of light, and a black hole's gravity is so powerfull that even prevents light from escaping. This means: Kizaru's power is just useless in front of his, and akainu's too ; a black hole, could even pull in sun itself. He would not even need to blink an eye to make this lava brat disappear in his eternal …

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  • Don7

    Your fav BB pirate.

    February 17, 2013 by Don7

    If the question i set has already been answered, my wrong.

    Ok i m sure everyone hates (he must dammit!) one BB pirate and may likes one. I truely like Shiliew of the Rain( He has true potential as a bad character and as zoro's opponent-swordsman). Then i could say i kinda hate Doc Q. This guy gets on my nerves. He 's a sneaky b@st@rd and i can't see any power in him. He 'll probably get a df but omg....this guy truely sucks....

    So i want your favourite and worse BB pirate. Sorry for bad english. Feel free to correct me.

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  • Don7

    Blackbeard 2 df abilities

    February 13, 2013 by Don7

    Guys , i ve been recently thinking about blackbeard's power to obtain df abilities and to use them at the same time shown in manga and in anime (here ) . In this blog i m not talking about how he absorbs the ability but how he can use both of 'em. I 've heard some quite intresting theories and then i came up with my own, which is, in my opinion highly likely to be true.

    Firstly i remembered vegapunk ( is this how it's spelled?) and that inanimate items can obtain df powers. Then this stroke my head: Blackbeard when uses both of his powers he has them one at each hand. (here again ). And then i rembered that Blackbeard has rings in his fingers. So this is the theory : Blackbeard knows how to give df powers to objects and has given gura-gura …

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