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Volume 0

Hey guys,

I just got volume 0 in the mail. Its awesome!!! Although it does confuse me slightly. I know I've seen lots of discussion on other blogs about this, but I just still haven't heard anything conclusive about whether Strong World is cannon or not. I mean are we going to see Shiki again? And if not was Luffy really able to defeat him before learning to control his haki? That sounds unlikely seeing that he was able to defeat, or at least get past, both Garp and Sengoku (both haki users) durring his escape from impel down right after he cut his own legs off. I know that Shiki is mentioned in the manga several times, so I know he existed in the One Piece world, but is Chapter 0 and actual depiction of what happened or just hype intended to get people more excited about the film? I know this will all be answered in time, but i just don't want to wait...

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