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Alright, I was wondering who would win in a fight between Whitebeard and Shanks when both are at full strength. This means Shanks has both arms and Whitebeard is in his younger days. This is a tough one for me but im going to go with the man with the Red Hair. Any thoughts?

Edit, reasons for picking Shanks: Yeah this is just a one on one battle. Also, I think i remember reading Mihawk telling Shanks that he wouldn't fight him because it wouldn't be that good of a match(implying Shanks was a much greater swordsman with both arms). I also don't think WB's devil fruit will really come into effect in the battle, since in order for WB to hurt someone 1 vs 1, he has to grab onto the person and i believe Shanks is much faster than WB so he couldn't grab him. Finally, Shanks's haki might be more powerful than WB's, since all the weak pirates fainted when Shanks got onto WB's ship(or maybe they're just used to WB's haki, im not sure)

By the way this is my first blog and i'm open to any criticism. Thanks.