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Yo every1, i have been thinking what to write for BW so i come up with something i hope you will like it. What i come up with is prediction of how One Piece ends, so read it and review.

One Piece Ending Leaked From one of Oda's Assistance : One Piece ends with a battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and Pirate Blackbeard ..
Straw Hat crew is 8 while Blackbeard is 10, and as the first time he said when he set sail, he would collect 10 crew .. So two additional crew is HANCOOK and Jimbei ..
And There is Some Event Occur Before One Piece Ending:
- LUFFY became stronger after the death of Ace, he will master the Haki and Secret of D. and desperate to defeatBlackbeard who's at end of the story will be the strongest because he absorb all exterior power of the devil fruit on the sea ..
-ZORRO will have a new sword which is made of sea stones that can cut Logia User and Haki User.
- SANJI will be a man again by IVANKOV and taught new skills at Kamabakka Kingdom.
-USSOP will get a Logia Devil Fruit (secret). and get the arrow as a weapon.
-NAMI has a new ability to control the Hurricane even Tornado with the oceans scale.
- CHOPPER discovered the secret of the Rumble Ball that can control his Monster Form.
- ROBIN cooperate with Dragon to solve the PonelygraphSecret. Robin can multiply her body (not only double) asmuch as Taju Kagebunshin as in Naruto.
- FRANKY find a blueprint at Vegapunk Old Base and Modify his Body with the technology of war that surpass PACIFISTA .
- BROOK discovered the power of music and a great darkness Power.
-AKAINU vs WB Pirates
-Coby will become the Fleet Admiral by killing Blackbeardwho was defeated by Luffy.
-After the death of Ace and Whitebeard, many more important characters will die such as Sengoku, Garp, Shanks, Akainu, Kizaru, Shicibukai.
-Some characters die at the hands of Blackbeard.