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Hello peeps this is my first blog post so i would like to open a discussion/theory about a matter that has been in my mind for ages... Just who is Luffy's mom?

There is a theory that says Luffy's mom is in Revolutionary Army but i doubt that considering that Emporio would at least inform Luffy that his mom is fine or something when he learnt that he is Dragon's son. So my theory is that Luffy's mom is actually dead and propably killed by a Marine. I would like to think that Dragon actually started as a Marine but fell in love with a pirate captain that shortly after became his wife. When his wife got killed by a Marine, maybe because she had a bounty on her head, he went berserk therefor he got kicked out of the Marines and then he swore revenge on them, changing his goal from becoming Pirate King to becoming the one that will bring down the World Government.

Do you like my theory? Do you have your own theory about Luffy's mom? Let me know in the comments.

(p.s. it is just a theory so please no hate :) have a nice day peeps)