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Hello peeps! Last week discussed about a fanmade duel between Shanks and Mihawk and today i would like to open a new topic that a lot of people theorise about. What exactly is Monkey D. Dragon's power?

Dragon's power might be pretty obvious. If Smoker can have the Smoke-Smoke fruit and Perospero the Pero-Pero no mi then it could be possible for Dragon to have the Mythical Zoan type Dragon-Dragon fruit. Judging from what we have seen so far, Dragon has some wind related powers. A long ago i remember playing a game where a Dragon (propably a Japanese Dragon, it looked like Shenron from DragonBall) could control wind by either changing its direction or blasting wind with force. I dont know if in Japanese legends those Dragons can actually control wind so im not going to base the whole theory on this. The second point would be Sabo's Dragon Claw. Sabo was trained from Revolutionary army martial art masters but when Sabo overpowered them all it is possible that Dragon himself gave him a bit of training. Sabo's Dragon Claw might be an atempt to copy Dragon's real Dragon Claw in his Dragon form.

What do you think is Dragon's real power? Let me know in the comments below. Have a nice day!