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     I have to say that it was a pretty good chapter with a bit of action and a lovely plot twist. Oda is clearly putting a lot of thought into this arc.... Like Bartolomeo selling out Straw Hat products.

     The chapter continues from the point where Caesar carries Bege in an attempt to escape from this Totland hell, but the Big Mom pirates have been proved to be way to big of an obstacle for this plan to succeed.

     Thankfully Luffy, Sanji and the Vinsmoke family are there to assist Caesar while putting their lives into great danger. We even got to see a little Vinsmoke brother combo the Black Bug (seriously someone give Oda the attack naming award of the year).

     At the same time a greedy Du Feld is trying to get his hands on the Tamatebako but is spotted by the One Piece's lovely escort Stussy, who turns out to be a member of the CP0 being after the Tamatebako as well. Stussy ruthlessly assassinates Du Feld and makes Morgans cover for her. Wow, I really didn't expect a plot twist of this magnitude. We knew CP0 is into some illegal stuff (like the mother Carmel case) but controlling part of the Underworld as well?

     Then Oda gives us another awesome insight of the future chapters. Luffy is planning on taking down Kaido and after he is done with him, he will come after Big Mom's head. Now this statement will hopefully resolve all the arguments about which Yonko is going down first. Luffy is clearly not in position of beating Big Mom yet, but we still get to see a class of Haki between Luffy's Gear 4 and Big Mom's armament hardening.

     Sanji and Reiju drag Luffy out of the fight but Big Mom is still going after them. That's where our lord and savior Judge comes to rescue the day by blocking Big Mom, just to be taken down by her Thunder Bolt. That was a hell of an oneshot.

     In the meantime Caesar is getting stopped by Katakuri and Brulee which forces the fighters inside Bege's body to take action. Luffy, Sanji and the Vinsmoke family are all captured and ready to be executed but Goda's miracle happens out of nowhere. Du Feld's assassination was not successful and on his last attempts he pushes the Tamatebako out of Big Mom's castle. Why wold this be a miracle? Because the tamatebako turns out to be a BOMB that made such a huge explosion enough to make the castle collapse, distracting Big Mom and her pirates.

I think it was a pretty good chapter. A bit slow paced but still pretty good. What do you all think?

What are your thoughts on this chapter?

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