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  • I live in Stawland
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is AoD's lil sister
  • I am an e-gril
  • Dinosel

    Hello peeps! Last week discussed about a fanmade duel between Shanks and Mihawk and today i would like to open a new topic that a lot of people theorise about. What exactly is Monkey D. Dragon's power?

    Dragon's power might be pretty obvious. If Smoker can have the Smoke-Smoke fruit and Perospero the Pero-Pero no mi then it could be possible for Dragon to have the Mythical Zoan type Dragon-Dragon fruit. Judging from what we have seen so far, Dragon has some wind related powers. A long ago i remember playing a game where a Dragon (propably a Japanese Dragon, it looked like Shenron from DragonBall) could control wind by either changing its direction or blasting wind with force. I dont know if in Japanese legends those Dragons can actually cont…

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  • Dinosel

    Hello peeps! Last week we discussed about theories around Shanks' lost arm and today I would like to open a new discussion about a fanbase topic. Who would win in a fight between Shanks vs Mihawk?

    Who would be victorious in a battle between Shanks and Mihawk? When I ask that question to people, they immediately answer, Shanks would definitely win with ease. I actually think that Shanks would propably win as well, but not with great ease. I think Shanks and Mihawk are actually on the same power level. We know that Shanks and Mihawk had some battles in the past. We don't know the outcome of those battles but i asume that they were about even. Also when Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk did not even want to fight him anymore almost implying that Mih…

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  • Dinosel

    Hello peeps! Last week we discussed about Luffy's mom and today i would like to open a new discussion on a topic, a lot of people are sceptical about. Why Shanks lost his arm?

    One theory says that Oda had not developed the idea of Armament Haki when Shanks lost his arm. Oda definitely had the idea of Haki from the beginning, since we saw Shanks using Conqueror's Haki on that See King, but maybe he didnt have in mind Armament Haki back then. Considering Shanks' strength, he could easily save his arm. I, personally dont think that this is true. What I believe is that Shanks might have intentionally lost his arm. When Whitebeard asked Shanks the name of the person that took his hand, Shanks replied by stating that he bet it on the new age. Cou…

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  • Dinosel

    Hello peeps this is my first blog post so i would like to open a discussion/theory about a matter that has been in my mind for ages... Just who is Luffy's mom?

    There is a theory that says Luffy's mom is in Revolutionary Army but i doubt that considering that Emporio would at least inform Luffy that his mom is fine or something when he learnt that he is Dragon's son. So my theory is that Luffy's mom is actually dead and propably killed by a Marine. I would like to think that Dragon actually started as a Marine but fell in love with a pirate captain that shortly after became his wife. When his wife got killed by a Marine, maybe because she had a bounty on her head, he went berserk therefor he got kicked out of the Marines and then he swore re…

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