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Alright, a week ago, I did a post which asked what would happen in Chapter 591, and now, after reading it, I realise what I predicted were not the most likely to happen as of now. This is only because Rayleigh has appeared on the Island and has a plan to help Luffy, so we can safely assume Luffy accepts, and possibility start training with Rayleigh or something similar. This makes it less likely that Jinbei will train Luffy, as well as Hancock.

We now know that some of the Straw Hats are now noticing Ace has died, with Usopp wanting to comfort Luffy knowing how much pain he must be, and Chopper as well, who wants to find Luffy to heal him. The most mysterious part is Chopper finding out something about Luffy in the newspaper. What I want you to do now is to predict what's going to happen in the next chapter (Chapter 592). Let's just take haste that chapters are only 18-20 pages long, so just predict it in that period of pages.

I reckon the next chapter will reveal what's happening in the newspaper involving Luffy definitely, and that it's an article on the discovery of Luffy as being Dragon's son, (I don't think his breach into Imply Down will be mentioned, as I think the government will want to cover that up) and has a new bounty, which I think will be 900,000,000-1,000,000,000 Bellies. Luffy will accept the plan that Rayleigh has said, and the plan is about training Luffy to be stronger in combat; the reason I think this will occur is because Rayleigh mentioned Luffy was unable to fight against Kuma successfully, as well as the Admiral.

A max of 2 members of the Straw Hats will feature - I think Robin will appear, as she has been freed by the Revolutionaries, and the other person, I'm not so sure (We can rule out Usopp & Chopper... Zoro is stuck on some swordsman island, so I don't know if he'll get the news coo... Whatever, I think Robin and Nami I guess?). This might be replaced by the appearance of the Marine search for Luffy or something similar. We'll see next week eh?

If you have any ideas, give a post.