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For example, Luffy is at 5"75, and is smaller than Usopp by an inch, while Zoro and Sanji are taller by 1-2 inches than both of them. They're 2 years older than Luffy and Usopp, and then there's Robin, who's 6"2? Seems weird that a woman is taller by 4 inches, no offence to all you girls reading this, but is this because she is nearly older than all of them by a decade? Then there's Franky who is 7"5 or something and 6 years older than Robin, and then there's Brooke who was 8"85 when he died at 38 years old...

Then, there's Whitebeard, who is 73 years old, and when you look in the manga, he is twice the height of Luffy at least. So in this manga, does everyone grow taller as they process in age? Because let's be honest, no one would take Luffy seriously if he stays the same height when he turns out as Pirate King at the end of the whole thing.

I know that Shanks is smaller than most of his crew, though I don't know... There's a lot of evidence that people get taller as they get older... Anyone know the answer?