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Why does he continue to torture us so? It's only 18/19 pages a week... Why does he have to spread out people's reactions to the news over 2 chapters? Why not get to the catch already? Sure, you might think it's necessary for him to show what his nakama think, but I beg to differ. I don't wanna hear about Dragon saying how proud he is of Luffy, or about how Vivi thinks, since hardly any of us remember her after being dropped... I want to know these news! Is it a bounty update? Is it about Luffy's family tree? All these questions have been going through my mind so and so for the past 2-3 weeks, and now, I'm seriously questioning if Oda cares about his readers. Not only is it the news I'm thinking about, I also want to know what the hell Ray is planning for Luffy... Now I wish I had discovered One Piece 15 years from now, when I'm sure it would have been completed. But damn, I was stubborn and decided to read it.

Rant over. I hope you understand I'm just frustrated at the moment... Seeing the chapter being called "News" really brought my hopes up, and crushed it pretty badly. If you get to the point when your constantly looking the at page you are in a chapter, you know your just anxious and know that what you want to know won't come up... Especially if your on the last page.