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    Luffy's Tooth

    January 24, 2017 by Devil fruit user

    I do not know why it is so important to me, but it is.

    I need Luffy's tooth to come back.  I feel like the mising tooth takes away from his "good guy" appearance and makes him look more like a villian (like Blackbeard).  Luffy has lost teeth before in a comedic fashion (Skypeia) and Usopp has lost teeth in battle (Alabasta, etc) and they have always come back.  I was expecting the tooth to return right away as it has done in the past, but it seems like now that Luffy lost it in a serious fight it may be gone for good or just for a longer time.  

    I'm still hoping that it will come back when Sanji decides to return but I feel that since so much time has passed without the tooth it might be gone for good.  Now when they get back to the crew the…

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  • Devil fruit user

    Do you think it is possible that what Crocodile tried to do in Alabasta, frame the king, make him look like a bad ruler, cause a rebellion and take over as king; is exactly what Doflamingo did in Dressrosa?  

    We saw on Marineford that the two did not exactly get along but had something of a history with one another.  Could it be possible that they are from the same generation or one came soon after the other and Crocodile did not like that Doflamingo was getting further in standing than him so he tried to catch up by also becoming a king adn getting an ancient weapon at the same time.  Dressrosa is an island with a lot of history maybe Donflomingo also has some ancient power under his sleeve.

    Sorry if someone already said this and I'm being …

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