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The Meeting

(This story takes place right after the Dressrosa arc.)

                We start by seeing the Strawhat pirates sailing in calm waters and relaxing on the Sunny. Usopp working on growing more pop greens for upcoming fights, (After being praised a hero by the dwarves Usopp has a new confidence in his abilities never before seen.)Next we see Chopper is in the doctor’s room grinding up some herbs and humming peacefully to himself. Nami and Robin are lounging peacefully and drink some cold drinks, as Sanji serves them. Inside the Sunny, Franky is upgrading his arm after it was damaged during his fight with Senior Pink and seeing the strength of the New World. In the training we see Zoro and brook sword fighting and training. And finally we see Luffy sitting on the Sunny’s loin figure head, his eyes covered by his straw hat quietly.

                Suddenly Luffy stands up, Zoro and Sanji then rush to where Luffy is standing. Suspired everyone comes running to the deck. Luffy looking outward says that “something strong is coming”. Looking through his telescope far off in the distance Usopp spots a ship coming quickly to towards them. Screaming “enemy ship” Chopper, Nami and himself run inside. I don’t think so Luffy said they’re powerful but I don’t think there are enemies. Continuing to sail forward the two ship meet now the clearly seeing the ship and the Jolly Roger. A shadowy man jumps from his ship to the deck of the Sunny standing at the edge of the shadow that his giant ship caused. Surrounding the man Luffy, Zoro and Sanji stand ready to fight. “It’s been a while Strawhat” suspired Luffy asks who are you? Stepping out of the shadow the man’s face becomes fully visible, it’s Captain of the Kid Pirates a man whose bounty is greater than Luffy’s the scourge of the South Blue Eustass Kid.

                Shocked Luffy remembers Kid from Sabaody Archipelago. Hey from that guy from Sabaody Luffy shouts. Immediately Luffy’s expression changes to a big wide smile Zoro and Sanji are less eager to see him as he is known for murdering countless people. Taking a deep breath Kid starts ‘Look I’m not here to fight with any of you guys, I came here to bring you guys to the next Island” Before anyone can say anything Robin approaches warning everyone not to fully trust Kid. Standing behind Robin, Franky and brook draw they weapons. Looking around Luffy crosses his arms and says where are we going? Kid smiles and says to meet the others.