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One of my favorite arcs in One Piece was Enies Lobby and the fight with the CP9. In the mini arc CP9's Independent Report we saw them leave the World Goverment and sail off into the distance. Flash forward two years later during the Punk Hazard arc when we see the shadows of the UnderWorld Brokers we see a man with a bird on his shoulder who looks like Rob Lucci. Considering his knowledge of the World Goverment and his strength it seems that he is in the New World. Since he is in the New World it would be awesome to see a more powerful CP9 with Rob, Kaku, And Jabra knowing haki to match the Monster Trio, Blueno with greater mastery of his devil fruit a Rokushiki vs Franky and his Shogun, Kumadori, Fukuro, and Kalifa vs Chopper, Usopp, Nami and brook.


Rob Lucci: 6700 (formally 4000) plus haki. and Devil Fruit

Kaku: 3800 (formally 2200) plus haki and Devil Fruit

Jabra: 3690 ( formally 2180) plus haki and Devil Fruit

Blueno: 1730 (formally 820) plus devil Fruit

Kumadori: 1580 (formally 810)

Fukuro: 1530 (formally 800)

Kalifa: 600 (formally 630). After she lost to Nami she stopped training and lost her fight. Became CP9's Maid.

In the Next couple of weeks I will be writing the story and putting it up. Please leave comments and suggestions about the fight. Thank You.