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How much of the StrawHats journey has the WG keep hidden?

Dettles November 3, 2013 User blog:Dettles

All the way back in Alabasta after the defeat of Crocodile Luffy's bounty became 100mil. The reason he defeated Crocodile and upset the balance of the seven warlords. But the WG didn't let that information get out They gave credit to Smoker and Tashigi. So want reason did the WG government give the public why Luffy's bounty increased? Also the kept quiet about Luffy's defeat of Gekko Moriah in with they didn't increase his bounty after. People think the strawhats bounties will increase because of the events of Punk Hazard but the only the underworld brokers saw what happened and because of Vergo's involvment and a former WG sciencist kidnapping children the WG maght want to cover this up. What do you guy's think?

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