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Hi, after reading chapter 722 I have theory about what is doing to happen after the events of Dressrosa unfold. If the Strawhat, Dwarves, Law and toys end up victorous and topple the Donquixote Pirates rule of the island maybe Rebecca could become the new Queen and Cavendish could become the new king. I know it will 99.9% not happen like that but after Cavendish's speech in the arena the citzens of Dressrosa seem to really like him. And with Cavendish's personally and his desire of being known becoming a king would give it to him. And after the Donquixote Pirates leave a new Dressrosa army could be made from the toys after they are returned to humans, the dwarves and the gladiator prisoners. That would not only solve Cavendish's dislike for Luffy and his crew but also give the strawhats another ally in the World government along side Alabasta, Water 7, and Fishman Island. And just to be clear I know that this will never happen.