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I'm a bit at a loss for words on Fujitora,who by the way is now my favorite admiral. The reason I'm wondering about him is how he will play out in the rest of this arc. I originally thought that he would leave Doflamingo after the toys were revived, but Chapter 735 has given me doubt, as Fujitora stated that he already wanted to eliminate Doflamingo but would stay with him in order to eliminate the Straw Hats. While it is still possible that he'll leave out of complete disgust, I'm not betting on it.

However, I know the Straw Hats shouldn't fight him. He's an admiral for crying out loud, and he already thrashed Zoro around without even trying. The Straw Hats may be strong enough to take on Doflamingo, but they certainly aren't ready for an admiral.

This arc has taken so many twists and turns that I no longer am in the mood to predict the outcome. What do you guys think Fujitora will do?