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<Inside an underground holding cell somewhere on Jaya, BELLAMY awakes. The room is bright enough to see, but he cannot see the bonds holding him. That, coupled with his lack of freedom of movement, must mean that his master Doflamingo is holding him>

Bellamy: Master...why am I here?

Doflamingo: You showed patheticness unbecoming of a Donquixote ally. I punished you...appropriately.

<Bellamy begins to remember how Doflamingo made him fight his first mate. Little did he know that almost a month had passed since then>

Bellamy: am I alive?

Doflamingo: I may be unforgiving, but I know potential when I see it. You have, unfortunately, squandered your potential, but I'm giving you a chance to redeem yourself. If you can make it to Sabaody within a year...and with a good record...I will let you sail under my Jolly Roger once again.

Bellamy: I am indebted to you, Master...but I have one question. Sarkies-is he still alive?

Doflamingo: Well, it would hardly be a punishment if he was alive, wouldn't you agree?

<Bellamy hangs his head>

Doflamingo: The rest of your crew is alive...for now. But keep in mind that the Grand Line is an unforgiving monster. Monkey D. Luffy is a speck compared to its power. You must exert your full potential if you want to survive...or no one will hear of Bellamy the Hyena again.

<The next day, Bellamy is released back outside. He picks up a newspaper first, to see what has happened>

Bellamy: What?! How could...Straw Hat invaded Enies Lobby? But how? And he's still alive...

<Suddenly, Bellamy remembered how Luffy had been planning to go to a Sky Island when the two of them met>

Bellamy: Well, Straw Hat must have succeeded! And now he's strong enough to take on the government...Could the same thing happen to me if I go there? Well, I know just how to do it.

<Flash Forward an hour later, and we find Bellamy holding Cricket at gunpoint, while his crew restrains the Saruyama Alliance>

Cricket: Coming back to rob me now that Straw Hat's gone? Coward.

Bellamy: Shut up. It's not your treasure I'm after this time. I know you were the one who told the Straw Hats how to get to Sky Island. I need to get there too, and you'll guide me...or you'll say goodbye to your monkey friends.

Cricket: Is that all you want? Well, in four days, at these coordinates, the waters will burst, forming a large knock-up stream that will blast your boat straight for the sk-

Bellamy: -That's all I need to know old man. If what you're saying is false, though, I'll come back, and you'll wish you've never been born. 

<The Bellamy Pirates leave, but not before Bellamy gives Cricket an uppercut for good measure. Cricket sits down, in a lot of pain but grinning. Bellamy's impatience meant that he was now sailing into the knock-up stream unprotected, and the pirate would be finished off once and for all>

<Flash forward four days, and the Bellamy Pirates' ship is drifting at the spot where the knock-up stream is supposed to be. Suddenly, the ocean starts to rumble>

Bellamy: That's it! Everyone, hold on!

<The knock-up stream erupts, and the ship is carried with it. However, the ship was not outfitted to withstand the blast, and it begins to break apart>

Bellamy: That cursed old man! Why didn't he tell me about this?!

<Soon, Bellamy is the only person left on the ship, of which only the mast remains. Seeing the cloudline far above him, Bellamy makes a desperate gamble. His legs turn into springs, and with as much pressure applied as possible, Bellamy rockets toward the clouds just as the ship completely breaks apart>

Bellamy: I can't die now...I have to make name for myself...and Doflamingo!

To be continued