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Greetings all One Piece Wiki Users! If you live in the United States and are at least somewhat into sports, then you know about March Madness. Inspired by this and a Star Wars version of this, I've created a One Piece character single-elimination tournament, with 32 selected contestants, 16 protagonists and 16 antagonists. Here is a look at it.


650px (This file no longer exists: File:MM_OP.jpg)

For those of you with trouble seeing it, here is the layout:


  • Luffy vs. Ace
  • Zoro vs. Sanji
  • Nami vs. Robin
  • Usopp vs. Chopper
  • Franky vs. Brook
  • Vivi vs. Sabo
  • Garp vs. Shanks
  • Whitebeard vs. Roger


  • Buggy vs. Arlong
  • Smoker vs. Rob Lucci
  • Enel vs. Magellan
  • Crocodile vs. Blackbeard
  • Doflamingo vs. Mihawk
  • Kizaru vs. Fujitora
  • Aokiji vs. Akainu
  • Kaido vs. Big Mom

How It Works

The winners of each round will be selected by voting, and voting will be done by comments. Only one vote per user, unless you want to change it, then reply to your previous comment with your new vote. Any user with an account can vote. The first round will start on March 3rd, and new rounds as well as the winners of the previous round will come out two days later. 

Each round actually consists of two battles: One hero battle and one villain battle. The hero bracket and the villain bracket that line up together will be the ones that battle in the same round, for example the first round on the 3rd will consist of Luffy vs. Ace and Buggy vs. Arlong. So you will be voting for two people each round, the hero and the villain. If you're confused, don't worry, it'll clear up once the tournament starts. Let the Madness begin!