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I'm baack! No more images for this troll! So, as most of you know, a certain user has been populating the blogs with offensive all-caps ratings of One Piece Arcs. I thought I'd give a...less profane rating, with a different system.

Instead of letter grades, each arc is ranked on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being an unforgettable gift to manga and 1 being...well you know.

Romance Dawn Arc: 8

Orange Town Arc: 7

Syrup Village Arc: 6

Baratie Arc: 7.5

Arlong Park Arc: 8

Loguetown/Reverse Mountain Arc: 6.5

Whiskey Peak Arc: 5.5

Little Garden Arc: 6

Drum Island Arc: 7

Alabasta Arc: 9

Jaya Arc: 6

Skypiea Arc: 7.5

Davy Back Fight Arc: 5

Water 7 Arc: 8.5

Enies Lobby Arc: 9.5

Thriller Bark Arc: 6.5

Sabaody Arc: 7.5

Amazon Lily Arc: 7

Impel Down Arc: 8

Marineford Arc: 9.5

Post-War Arc: 8

Return to Sabaody Arc: 6.5

Fishman Island Arc: 7

Punk Hazard Arc: 6.5

Dressrosa Arc so far: 8.7