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  • DerpyDoodle

    My previous blog was about the potholes of One Piece, the parts of the series that you didn't like. Per a request, and several other weird comments, I've decided to make another blog, where we can discuss the PLOTHOLES of One Piece.

    You may now discuss and fight amongst yourselves.

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  • DerpyDoodle

    I couldn't resist. This may go into more than one chapter, but I couldn't withhold this inspiration.

    Sugar has been knocked unconscious by Usopp's Justin Bieber face, and all across Dressrosa the transformations occur. The toys in the factory transform. The toys in the Colosseum transform. The toys on the streets transform. And finally, TSOR transforms into Kyros. Inside the tower where Sugar has been defeated, Robin and the transformed dwarves return to their normal states.

    Leo: OMG! Sugar turned Robinland and our brethren into toys! How could we have forgotten?

    Robin: Everything all righ-Never mind.

    Leo: It's all OK now, thanks to our hero Usoland! He saved us all!

    Robin: Big hero...more like big freak.

    Trebol, meanwhile, has left the tower in …

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  • DerpyDoodle

    Best One Piece Face

    March 31, 2014 by DerpyDoodle

    With all the talk about Chapter 742's events, it's time to answer the eternal question: Which face is the best?

    Answer: None of them! But here's this poll:


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  • DerpyDoodle

    I'm baack! No more images for this troll! So, as most of you know, a certain user has been populating the blogs with offensive all-caps ratings of One Piece Arcs. I thought I'd give a...less profane rating, with a different system.

    Instead of letter grades, each arc is ranked on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being an unforgettable gift to manga and 1 being...well you know.

    Romance Dawn Arc: 8

    Orange Town Arc: 7

    Syrup Village Arc: 6

    Baratie Arc: 7.5

    Arlong Park Arc: 8

    Loguetown/Reverse Mountain Arc: 6.5

    Whiskey Peak Arc: 5.5

    Little Garden Arc: 6

    Drum Island Arc: 7

    Alabasta Arc: 9

    Jaya Arc: 6

    Skypiea Arc: 7.5

    Davy Back Fight Arc: 5

    Water 7 Arc: 8.5

    Enies Lobby Arc: 9.5

    Thriller Bark Arc: 6.5

    Sabaody Arc: 7.5

    Amazon Lily Arc: 7

    Impel Down Arc: 8

    Marineford Arc: 9.5


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  • DerpyDoodle


    Bellamy: Master...why am I here?

    Doflamingo: You showed patheticness unbecoming of a Donquixote ally. I punished you...appropriately.


    Bellamy: am I alive?

    Doflamingo: I may be unforgiving, but I know potential when I see it. You have, unfortunately, squandered your potential, but I'm giving you a chance to redeem yourself. If you can make it to Sabaody within a year...and with a good record...I will let you sail under my Jolly Roger once again.

    Bellamy: I am indebted to you, Master...but I have one question. Sarkies-is he still alive?

    Doflamingo: Well, it would hardly be a punishment if he was alive, wouldn't you agree?


    Doflamingo: The rest of your crew is alive...for now. But keep in mind that the Grand Line is an unforgiving mons…

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