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  • My occupation is Wiki therapist, apparently ( ._.)
  • Derax-Pagani

    Guten Tag OP Wiki, Derax from FT wiki here. Hold the applause people, I haven't come to peddle civilisation or swamp you all with the frailties brilliance of FT. Far from it, I come in peace. Mostly.

    So why is one of the scourge of FT wiki doing here making a blog, you may be asking. Well, I need guinea pigs at the minute. As a few of you may know, I'm currently doing a dissertation for my degree, and unlike my last one where all I had to do to get data was stand in a field for a week, this time I actually need to be sociable to collect data from people of the world. That's where you come in. Or will do later.

    Before I go into the academic headache disclaimer and bureaucracy I need to inform willing participants of, I thought we'll have a poll…

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