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Abalo Pizarro

Well, this is my first post and it's about the character most recently presented to us.

Abalo Pizarro, the new crewmate of Blackbeard and also the only one that we still don't know a thing about and that's the reason why the fanbase is creating so many theories about this character. Right now there are some interestings facts to consider from what we've seen from him.


Abalo Pizarro (This file no longer exists: File:New_Blackbeard_Pirate_portrait.jpg)

  • Know by "Corrupt King";
  • Come with the crew from their visit to Impel Down;
  • Abalo is the portuguese and spanish word to quake or shake;
  • His name might also be Álvaro or Avaro (both portuguese and spanish names of pirates it might be based of);
  • Might be inspired on Francisco Pizarro, the spanish explorer who conquered Peru;
  • He says "meow"; and have physical attributes that resemble felines (pupils, forehead, nose, mustache, air like a lion);
  • Might be a cyborg (his "horns" seems to not have grown naturally, also seems to have drills instead of arms).

So is this guy the Drillman of Impel Down? The guy who created the Level 5.5 and all the secret ways to the other levels and roms. If he is... It's thanks to a Devil Fruit, or cyborg modifications to his body? Because if it is the second chance, he might got another Devil fruit without any relationship with drilling abilities. This option has driven some other fans to think that he might have another kind of devil fruit.

Maybe a zoan devil fruit? Neko Neko no Mi: model Smilodon, ancient zoan devil fruit, it's one of the most bizarre and amazing theory that some fans come with. Still, there are a lot of people that think a jaguar or panther zoan is more fitting since this character might be based on Franciso Pizarro.

Whatever his powers, Oda will not dissapoint anyone when he present us more about the guy.